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Have you ever felt that? You feel you were maybe told the necessary things to go out and make some money, change some lives.. But nothing big enough to make a BIG SPLASH… make it life-changing for you and your family… 99% of the online marketing industry still doesn't know how to communicate WITH human behavior.. Most of the training you were taught was to go against it.. and you didn't even realize it.. listen.. EVERYTHING CAN CHANGE OVERNIGHT FOR YOU.. Like it did for me and others I have taught.. Words are magic. Words are your highest form of leverage. My Samurai masterclasses integrate these teachings. How to communicate ULTRA EFFECTIVELY here in the 2020s.. The post-trust world.. We teach how to post for huge engagement.. SAVE HOURS PER DAY organically - becoming authority presence - a leader for your teams TO CREATE YOUR LEGACY. Finally start making daily sales. Entrepreneurs are calling this the most STAND OUT content you can't learn anywhere else. Now KEEP SCROLLING 😉


NOT..courses teaching you irrelevant traditional models and strategies that are rampant EVERYWHERE to this day..

I see it everywhere. These "strategies" people are teaching make us giggle a bit. Posting business posts? Long tired posts? Being a walking billboard? Speaking in a way that is about you not them? Never uncovering the customer issues? Pressure sales? Handling their objections instead of letting them handle 'em theirselves? Closing them? NOOOO!.

BUT THEY ARE..courses teaching the NEW WAY of selling.. saving HOURS of time per day.. going with human behaviour, not against it in this post trust world..

Imagine being able to have people sell themselves, close themselves, overcome their own objections? This is unheard of in online marketing... This model is way ahead of its time.. and you access it here? PRICELESS.. Worth 1000s [obviously]

NOT..courses teaching organic methods that take so long you never have anytime to STILL MAKE MONEY or make TIME FOR YOURSELF.. NO LEVERAGE?

Another issue when jumping into organic marketing with other strategies and methods out there.. IT TAKES FOREVER TO SEE ANY RESULTS.. and at that it's ineffective..Who wants to spend 8-12 hours on social media and get 3 people "semi-interested"?

BUT THEY ARE..courses teaching new proven organic methods that leverage your time massively..and 10x more effective than the industry is teaching..

I have been around for over a decade in social media and it is BAD out there. People teaching you to be a slave to it all in another way from how 9-5 can feel. Do you want 20 new potential clients in 45 minutes? CHECK.. Getting most of them to talk to you right away? IN YOUR WINDOW OF TIME? CHECK.. I do these things myself and practice what I preach. Who wants to actually diagnose people's problems and create a reciprocal relationship where BOTH PARTIES WIN HUGE? CHECK!...

NOT..courses where you need to engage month after month, jump on zoom calls/webinars and stay engaged on THEIR schedule or you miss something..

You may have already been through this.. long webinars.. long zoom calls.. presentation mode... so much training.. you think will NEVER get through the damn thing.. at that.. CAN I LEARN THE INCOME PRODUCING ACTIVITIES YET?

BUT THEY ARE..courses where you get EVERYTHING you will ever need to build any business under 10 hours COMBINED! Facebook Samurai under 6 hours. Compressed. Ready. FIRE!

People here also have LIFETIME CONTENT UPDATES when things change and we evolve even more.. I am here if you have any personal questions also!.. So many "gurus" brag about how they have 30+ hours of training and constant calls only keeping you as a monthly subscriber but never wrapping it up so you can pivot and move with your business in a MASSIVE WAY..NOW!! I respect your time too much.

NOT..courses teaching you to FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT..

I see so many people starting out.. that have a bio that shows words like "expert".. I hear people saying they are doing extremely well with business but they are posting about their business and have 1 like and 0 comments.. Their marketing style is "WORK WITH ME I AM THE MOST AMAZING THING IN THE WORLD!" 

BUT THEY ARE..courses teaching you to become a listener, a diagnoser, a doctor of ones problems.. where they close themselves on your solution..

No reason to try to persuade people.. learn to be calm and talk to someone as their friend.. learn to have fun with conversation at the same time being ultra effective with your time.. never NEVER any sales pressure at all? Can you imagine? Time to change your business, brand and the way you talk to people FOREVER..

..and so much more..

All here under the Social Samurai umbrella. Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok Samurai.. ALL THE SAME PHILOSOPHY. SAVE TIME.. LOTS OF IT.. MAKE BOTH PARTIES WIN BIG.. AND MAKE LOTS O' MONEY IN THE PROCESS!!


This is why entrepreneurs are really starting to realize the power that is uncovered here in The Facebook, Instagram and TikTok Samurai Lifetime Access Courses. [No Monthly]

*My Instagram And TikTok Samurai use similar philosophies as Facebook Samurai so you can see their distinctions below in The Premium and Unlimited Packs under here


⚔️ 5 Area Profile Optimization For Your Brand

Stop scaring everyone away with being a walking billboard of your products.. after you change this.. people will land on your profile, message you with questions, convert into subscribers.. and into paying customers/business partners.

Worth $197 Alone

⚔️ Samurai Daily Method Of Operations

I am going to give you the exact blueprint of the sequential action I've been using recently to compress my time down to 1-3 hours a day, where it used to take me 10 hours a day for the SAME RESULTS!

Worth $297 Alone

⚔️ The Brand New Samurai Communication Method Changing The Industry As We Speak

I am going to give you THE AMAZING METHOD that will work in every area of your life. Work with human behavior instead of against it like all of the sales industry does to this day..8 step communication process bringing you forward with the potential of converting 7 out of every 10 people you talk to.. GAME CHANGING..

Worth $1497 Alone

⚔️ Lead Magnet Voice Clips

I can guarantee you haven't seen this before.. like most of the content here.. here is another lifechanger for you. Noone is doing this.. I AM TELLING YOU.. and it has completely revolutionized my business. Create 100% consistency and save a couple hours a day by itself.

Worth $147 Alone


⚔️ How To Initially Connect With People And Deeply Connect With 20+ People Per Day

Very easy way to connect and follow up the Samurai Way. Save lots of time getting to people that will actually respond back with unique techniques we use. I am going to give you the keys on how to connect with people so much quicker and compress your valuable time while also building rapport with them rather than destroying it. Going with human behavior not against

Worth $297 Alone

⚔️ Samurai Viral Posting

I'm going to give you the keys to getting many more reactions and comments per post to create an authority presence and have people really curious as to what you are offering.. hence.. more clicks, more leads, more sales!

Worth $197 Alone

⚔️ Samurai No Spam Policy Group Posting

I'm going to give you the less on how to post in groups like a Samurai. No spammy stuff here and many potential clients within 15 minutes of work.

Worth $297 Alone


BONUS#1: The Ultimate Samurai Follow Up Statement

BONUS#2:  My Entire Chatbot Samurai Course

BONUS#3:  All Templates, Chats Scripts


Worth $2929 But Less Than A Few Going Out To A Restaurant

⚔️ Limited Time Offers + Bonuses
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The Facebook, Instagram, And TikTok Samurai Are Considered By Others To Be The Most Unique Training Content In The Industry. Everything In One Place And Is Screen Recorded Click By Click Keystroke By Keystroke Like I Am In The Room With You. If You Are Open To Big Changes Immediately You May Want To Take Action Immediately And Move Forward With Your Business And Brand. Instant Automated Access As Soon As You Go Through.

FB Samurai Starter Pack
only.. $97
One Time Payment, Lifetime Access

✔️ One Time Payment, Lifetime Access


✔️ Lifetime Access To All 25 Video Modules In The Facebook Samurai And 6 Hours Of Compressed Content So You Can Get A Running Start!

✔️ Learn How To Make Your FB Profile Stand Out Uniquely And How To Brand Yourself Independently For Life No

Matter What Tech Changes

✔️ Unique And Highly Leveragable Elite Marketing Strategies To Completely Stand Out Amongst The Entire Industry And Save Time

✔️ New Way Of Selling Like A Samurai Without Sales Pressure Through Every Conversation. 

Access To All 8 Processes

Of Questioning

✔️ Life Content Updates + Lifetime Access+ + Lifetime Support + Bonuses Above

FB+Instagram Samurai Premium Pack
only.. $197
One Time Payment, Lifetime Access

✔️ Everything In The FB Samurai Starter Pack's 25 Video Modules


✔️ PLUS Lifetime Access To All 11 Video Modules In The Instagram Samurai (AGAIN..includes FB Samurai)

✔️ Learn How To Make IG Profile Stand Out Uniquely Without ANY Company Branding But Your Own

✔️ Samurai Hashtag Research

✔️ All Of The Principles And Philosophy Behind Facebook Samurai Integrated Into The Instagram Samurai Also

✔️ Unique Time Savers For Instagram Marketing And Building Your Following

✔️ New Way Of Selling Like A Samurai Without Sales Pressure Through Every Conversation. Access To All 8 Processes Of Questioning + Learn How To Be Conversational EVERYWHERE With Case Studies And Specific Video Modules Much More In Depth..5 Out Of 10 People Can Close.

✔️ Life Content Updates + Lifetime Access+ + Lifetime Support + Bonuses Above

FB+Instagram+TikTok Samurai Unlimited Pack
only.. $297
One Time Payment, Lifetime Access

✔️ Everything In The Samurai Premium Pack Including The Facebook+Instagram Samurai's 36 Video Modules


✔️ PLUS Lifetime Access To All 8 Video Powerful Concise Modules In The TikTok Samurai (includes FB+IG Samurai)

✔️ Learn How I Am Able To Command 500-800 Followers Per Day On Any Account No Matter How Many Niches.. Easily Duplicatable

✔️ Learn Hashtag Research To Find The Trendy Material And Emulate It

✔️ All Of The Principles And Philosophy Behind Facebook And Instagram Samurai Integrated Into The TikTok Samurai Also

✔️ Life Content Updates + Lifetime Access+ + Lifetime Support + Bonuses Above